Our Home Health Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists evaluate the patient and identify the health conditions which are limiting or preventing the patient's mobility and function. After that, the PT will establish a treatment plan aimed at helping the patient improve functional mobility with or without adaptive devices to improve independent mobility.

Offered Treatments

  • HEP.
  • Gait training.
  • Adaptive device training (front wheeled walker, rollator walker, spc, wbc, hemi walker, etc.).

  • Balance training.
  • Strengthening.
  • Modalities.
  • Transfer training.

  • Prosthetic training.
  • Caregiver training.
  • Fall reduction program.
  • Home safety.

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Occupational Therapy

The role of the occupational therapist is to evaluate the patient and identify why the patient’s mobility and funcitional independence is limited. The therapist examines the patient in the areas of ADL, IADL and play/leisure. After that, the OT will establish a treatment plan aimed at helping the patient improve, become functional independent and move easily with or without adaptive equipment.

Treatments Offered

  • HEP.
  • Adaptive equipment training. 
  • ADL training.
  • Functional transfer training (bathroom, bed, wheelchair).
  • Feeding retraining.

  • Meal prep/IADL training.
  • ADL balance training.
  • Neuro reed.
  • Upper extremity strengthening.
  • Caregiver training.
  •  Fall reduction program.

  • Home safety.
  • DME assessment/training.
  • Activity analysis.
  • Orthotic fitting/training.
  • Education on energy conservation/breathing techniques and body mechanics.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists evaluate the patient and identify the health issues which are limiting or preventing the patient's speech and communication skills, cognitive processing, and ability to swallow and eat safely. After that, the SLP will establish a treatment plan, which will be aimed at helping the patient improve functional speech and communication skills and/or improve safe strategies for eating and swallowing and/or identify the appropriate consistency of foods and liquids.

Treatments Offered

  • HEP.
  • Dysphagia training.
  • Cognitive therapy.

  • Speech therapy.
  • Memory books.
  • Vital Stim.

  • Oral motor exercises.
  • Caregiver training.

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Medical Social Work

Medical social workers assist the patient with financial/community resources and provide social/emotional support through counseling. They help the physician and other team members in understanding the significant social and psychological factors related to health problems. Medical social work team participates in the development of the treatment plan, prepares clinical and progress notes, works with the family, uses appropriate community resources, participates in discharge planning and in-service programs, and acts as a consultant to other agency personnel.

Who Can Benefit From Therapy Services?

  • Those who lose balance and keep falling.
  • Those who have trouble eating or feeding themselves.
  • Those who have trouble taking care of themselves.
  • Those who have difficulty with walking, writing, moving around, getting in and out of bed, and general activities of daily living.
  • Those who have trouble speaking.
  • Those who have trouble sitting on a wheelchair.

  • Those who have trouble with bed mobility.
  • Those who experience generalized weakness.
  • Those who experience problems with upper-extremity functions.
  • Those who need increased strength and mobility.
  • Those who need help taking care of loved ones.
  • Those who need qualified therapists to assess the home and bathroom for safety, risk of fall, and DME needs.