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Ultima Unlimited, Inc. has over 50 years of combined experience. We have a team of carefully selected therapists who are experts in what they do. Clinicians at Ultima Unlimited, Inc. have an average work experience of over 10 years. Our undying dedication to offering therapy and wellness is demonstrated through the care we provide and our passion for helping others reach their full potential. 

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  • We offer support with marketing.
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  • Premium quality rehab services.

  • 50+ years of combined experience.
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About Ronald W. (Blake) Lew

Ronald W. Lew

Ronald W. (Blake) Lew is a clinician with over 25 years of experience. He is diverse, holistic and eclectic with his approach to treatment. His specialty is Neurological Rehabilitation but also works well with orthopedic and general medical conditions. He has a strong clinical background, (completed internships at Kentfield Rehab Hospital and San Francisco General Hospital) but has studied other alternative methods of therapy as well.

Mr. Lew’s Experience

Mr. Lew has been extremely effective in rehabilitation as a Director of Rehabilitation for over ten years, a clinician for over 25 years, and now as CEO for Ultima Unlimited, Inc. for eight years with an outstanding reputation amongst physicians and hospitals in the community. His approach is holistic and he uses what he coins "Integrative Therapy," as a method that integrates traditional therapy with Eastern healing techniques.

Mr. Lew’s Clinical Background

His clinical background includes skills in upper extremity management, orthotic positioning, body mechanics, pulmonary rehab, wheelchair positioning, home evaluations, adaptive equipment assessment and training, DME assessment and ordering, Affolter and Bobath techniques for neurological management and Tai Chi for fall prevention/balance training. In addition, Mr. Lew has a significant background in Clinical Hypnosis, Reiki, Acupressure, Meditation, and Nei Gong. He is also a Psych-K Facilitator. Psych-K is a powerful tool for transformation and change.

Quality Rehabilitation Care

Affiliated With Health Agencies

Affiliated With Health Agencies

Ultima Unlimited Inc. was launched due to Mr. Lew’s desire to provide quality rehabilitation care to as many people as possible. The company is steadily growing and will be expanding to the Central Valley and Peninsula. We are successful in recruiting various top-notch physical, occupational and speech therapists around the Bay Area.  

Affiliated With Health Agencies

Affiliated With Health Agencies

Affiliated With Health Agencies


Mr. Lew has aligned and affiliated himself with diverse home health agencies, hospice companies, and skilled nursing facilities to provide first-rate rehab care -- such affiliated companies accept Medicare/private insurance and offer home health assistants, nurses and case managers. Mr. Lew is available for treatment but on a limited basis. He personally selects independent therapists and professionals that share his vision to provide therapy services directly to clients.

Blake Lew is also a writer and author of Dare to Imagine: 18 Principles for Finding Peace, Happiness and True Success. The book website and trailer are at dare2imagineit.org

In addition to being the founder of Ultima Unlimited, Blake Lew has written two books on his spiritual journey to assist others along their paths to being awakened and enlightened. Ron uses the nom de plume of Blake Sinclair. Here are the links to his books on Amazon:

Ultima Unlimited, Inc

Dare to Image:

Ultima Unlimited, Inc

Beyond Imagination - A Pathway to God and the Divine Realms:

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